Welcome to us in Sjodalen, Jotunheimen - the pearl of Norway


Quiet, sheltered and affordable. And in the center of everything

Our camping is located just by the beautiful river Sjoa, 700 meters down in the valley right off the main road. Idyllically placed in the forest with a lovely view to Valdresflya, Besseggen and numerous mountaintops in mighty Jotunheimen.

The noise and stress of everyday life can easily be escaped here. The winds that often are cold and brisk over the treeline, is just a breeze at our nicely located camping, both in summer and in the winter.

Here you can relax with your entire family in our cozy cabins and explore our many activities without eating up your entire holiday budget.

From Steinholet against Sjodalen Hyttetun og Camping

Groomed ski tracks

We have 80 kilometers of groomed skiing tracks for different levels of skill. The trails go through the woods and open fields in the valley along Sjoa and as far up Valdresflya and the majestic peaks of Jotunheimen. If you prefer powder snow and untouched nature, you can just wander right off the tracks. Get your skis on and experience the winter adventure in Sjodalen.

If the wind is causing sour weather in the mountains, the ski tracks in the forest around the camping are sheltered. And there you are never far away from our popular Waffles and "Sveler", made in our cafe whenever you desire.

Dogsledding in Sjodalen

Care to try Dogsledding in Jotunheimen?

We have several great routes for dogsledding. The level of difficulty varies from easy to advanced, so there is always a route suited for you. We usually do dogsledding during weekends from January to late April, depending on how long the snow lasts. In February and March, we also do one week-day every week. Dogsledding is gaining popularity so it would be smart to book as soon as possible!

Read more about Dogsledding in Jotunheimen.


Why not try Besseggen on skis?

This is an amazing experience when the weather and snow conditions allow it. It all starts by strapping on your skis at Bessheim Fjellstue. There is a path here which will take you up to Bessvatnet and then crossing it all the way over to where Besseggen starts. Here you attach your skis on the backpack and switch them out with crampons and ice-axe. The rest of the spectacular hike up the ridge is nothing but endless views over Gjende, Bessvatnet and Jotunheimens snowy mountains. If you thought Besseggen was beautiful in the summer, you need to visit in the winter also.

When you are ready to return, strap on your skis and crossover Veslefjellet before a lovely downhill skiing experience bring you right back to where you started. If you do not want to go alone, we can guide you!

If you think Besseggen is beautiful in the summer, it is at least as nice at wintertime.


Weather forecast for Sjodalen

After a day of exiting experiences, you can relax with hot or cold beverages in our big Gamme, or enjoy the sun on our big sun deck right beside.

Are you too tired for making food yourselves? We have hot dishes you can enjoy in our café or bring to your cabin.

Gamme med fyr på peis

Stay in affordable cabins

The winter season starts at 1st of January.

Cabins for 4 (5) people with two bedrooms shower/toilet NOK 895,- per day until the 1th of June, except for the Easter holyday. 
After 1th of June the prices is NOK 995,- until 15th of October.

Simple cabins with no toilets are NOK 595,- per day.

Motorhomes / Caravans from NOK 240,-

Tents from NOK 175,-

Order your accommodation here!

More information about the cabins.

Summer in Sjodalen

What to experience / What to do?

In the forest and the area around Sjodalen and Hindflya, there are trails, gravel- and tractor roads that provide an infinity of opportunities for shorter or longer walks in the ancient pine forests along waterfalls and rapids, or in open fields.

The area is also perfect for cycling. If you do not have a bike yourself, you can hire one from us.

If you like to fish, there are good spots for fishing just by the camping. It is not unusual that the trouts weigh up to two kilos here at Sallivangen. The sale of fishing licenses opens usually in June, and you can buy them in the reception.

If you are interested in hunting there are plenty of animals to hunt. Smaller birds and animals like hares and different kind of grouses to bigger animals like deers and mooses. The hunting season begins in September.

In addition to the mountain hikes already mentioned, you can hike about forty different two thousand meter summits by daytrips from our camping site. The difficulty level varies from easy to experienced. The most known are Galdhøpiggen, Besshø, Rasletind, Kalvehøgde, Tjønnholstind, Veotindene and Nautgardstind.

Are you all about excitement, Canyoning is the right thing for you! The beautiful Veogjelet is a place where you can wade through ancient caverns, jump in water holes and rappel into the river to feel the strength of it. All while an experienced instructor supervises you.

If you want more adrenaline kick we recommend you to try the Via Ferrata on Synshødn half an hour away by car. It is known to be one of the most breathtaking experiences in the country.

For more urban activities, beer tasting at Hindsæter Fjellhotel is recommended. At Hindsæter you can also enjoy exquisite dishes that will impress even the most experienced gourmets. There are also several other opportunities for great dining experiences elsewhere in the vicinity.


Sjodalen has an exceptionally rich wildlife. Moose and reindeers are the most common, but we also have foxes and hares, otters and weasels, and even an occasional wolf.
The moose is an especially common sight during the winter, as they are wandring up here from the lowlands for the winter pastures. However, a big moose-tribe reside here all year round, as well. Should you not succeed in spotting one yourself, you could visit them at the moose park at Glittersjå, as well as a variety of other animals.

There is also an amazing variety of birds in Sjodalen. Varying from dipper, flycatcher and blue tit, to bigger birds like eagle, crane, capercaillie and black grouse. In fact, you can find 89 different types up here. If you are at all interested in birds, then Sjodalen is a must!


Juving hopp

Rafting in Sjoa

Do you want a refreshing experience in a magnificent setting between Jotunheimen and Valdresflya, we can recommend family rafting in Sjoa. The rafting starts from our camping site. Children from the age of 10 can participate with adults.

If you like to challenge yourself with a harder route, then we can fix that as well. Remember to book early, rafting is very popular.


Popular mountain hikes nearby

The most popular hike is by far Besseggen. The most walked route is when you start with a boat trip from Gjendeosen to Memurubu, where you start. The hike is approximately 15 kilometers. The route goes through magnificent alpine mountain sceneries, with Besseggen as the natural highlight.
More details of the hike and a nice video here.

If you want to take the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, you need to order your ticket beforehand at www.gjende.no/rutetider

A spectacular variant is to walk from Gjendeosen towards Memurubu. After you have walked approximately four kilometers, you will see a steep path up the mountainside. This will take you up the steep mountainside to the Besseggen path, just where the ridge starts. This route is known as Jo-stigen and is named after the legendary hunter Jo Gjende who created this shortcut between Gjende and Bessvatnet.

A less known mountain hike is Knutshøe. Shorter and less crowded than its neighbor Besseggen just across the water. The view is just as spectacular, the challenges are still there and you are not dependent on taking the boat.

Glittertind is an outstanding daytrip from June to late September. After a quick 30-minute car drive from our camp site you park your car and grab a bike from the rental. The 7,5 kilometers up to Glitterheim take about one hour to cycle. From there it is about a three hours walk to the summit of the second highest mountain in Norway. A fantastic hike in beautiful surroundings.